World health assembly session summaries


I attached the template. You need to watch 8 sessions and fill the template for each one according to the Instructions. I need 8 files at the end.  

World Health Assembly Session Summaries

View (live or recorded/archived) sessions of the 74th (2021) World Health Assembly (WHA) or 72nd WHA (2019) — the last pre-pandemic WHA. Complete and submit session summary sheets on any 8 (Eight) WHA sessions you viewed.     

Link of 72 WHA Session:

Link of 74 WHA Session:

Each session summary must include:

1. Title/topic and other session information (e.g., Plenary, Committee A, Committee B)

2. Key speaker(s) information (name, if available and affiliation (country, organization, etc.)

3. Key topics/points/issues discussed

4. Key points you learned from the session and how you may apply it to your final presentation or paper and/or your perhaps your work or career 

You may present the information in bullet format. However, the bullet points should be clear and comprehensive enough for a reader to understand the content you are presenting.     

Session summary sheet template is provided.


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