Weak resume | English compositon resume

The resume is weak, there is too much white space. We need more words and success on it

•  The notes you included you should definitely put on there if they  actually line up with your expertise, however try not to be “fluffy”  which means you are just writing words to write them

  • So  instead of putting strong analytical, financial and problem solving  skills you would put stuff you actually have done that is analytical or  problem solving. Here’s an example “Executed strong analytical skills by creating Excel files to find errors in large data.”

•  Remove related coursework, instead you would want to write about a  project you did that was important or relevant to the job(s) you are  applying to 

• The spacing is off on a lot of the page

  • Use the template I attached for you to understand how the spacing and format should look

• Make sure to have dates on education and on each work experience / volunteer / or leadership activity 

  • Label your expected graduation date – or when you graduated

• If your GPA is above a 3.2 put it on your resume

• Use the summary to also explain what type of jobs you are applying for or what your biggest strength is


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