The role of communication in fostering or suppressing change

In this course, the Learner-Faculty Connect assignment will be used for reflection, as well as to discuss your preparedness for upcoming weeks. You are encouraged to explore the concepts presented.
Assignment Details:


In this check-in, you will review the  Project Guidelines and Rubric , and have an asynchronous discussion regarding any initial concerns.
You are encouraged to address any concerns and questions before the course project is due. Discuss your progress and concerns through this submission.
Submit a word document, sharing your expectations and understanding of the scenario and corresponding requirements. Specifically address the following criteria:
· Share your thoughts and questions about the course project, including any questions or concerns you have regarding:
· The role of communication in fostering or suppressing change
· The role of strategic communication in sustaining change
· Share what you learned from completing the Milestone Two assignment and any feedback you received, including any questions you may have about the same.
· Reflect on your personal experience working through the milestones and the process you followed.
· How do the topics relate to your career journey?
· Include any aspects that stood out, as you prepare to make your final recommendations in the project submission.
Note: If you have any additional questions or require additional support, clearly communicate your needs and let your instructor known here.
· Are you struggling with any activity/chapter?
· How can faculty help you with the final project?
Submit a word document which should take 3- to 5-minute to read fully.
If references are used, please place them on document
** There will be an attachment reflecting the project guideline FOR REVIEW ONLY**

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