The popularity of javascript | Computer Science homework help

uage, meaning that the code utilises user-defined ‘objects’ that can be manipulated to alter all occurrences of that object in the code. Essentially, if a programmer wants to make a change, he or she makes the change to the object itself and not to every instance in which it is referenced. Working with the object directly is simply easier.

Due to the popularity of JavaScript, if you were to peruse the Internet, you would find a number of ways programmers are utilising the language for both Web development and deployA large portion of the Internet is interactive and dynamic. From corporate e-commerce to an individual’s blog, users can post reviews, provide feedback, play games and do much more. In order to perform many of these dynamic functions, a common scripting language used is JavaScript. Part of JavaScript’s popularity is due to the fact that it is an object-oriented programming langment. Nevertheless, you would find several issues and concerns regarding JavaScript as well, such as those pertaining to security risks.

In this Discussion, your challenge is to analyse these current JavaScript trends and issues as they apply to the noted Web development and deployment. What are the trends and issues? How and why do they exist? Moreover, what is being done with/about them?

To complete this Discussion:

Post: Create an initial post in which you analyse at least two of the current trends and issues with JavaScript in terms of Web development and deployment. In your analyses, describe the trends/issues and explain why and how they exist. Additionally, provide specific examples of the trends’ applications as well as why the issues noted are considered issues. You must also evaluate whether you think existing JavaScript security issues/concerns play any part in the existence of these trends/issues.