Technology-related moral/ethic question | Computer Science homework help


PREPARATION (1.5 pts): You are to find a  very current technology-related news story  (6 months or less from assignment date that raises moral  or ethical issues). Then (each worth 0.5 pt):

  1. Summarize the story, and explain whom in the story is or was faced with moral questions. (100 to 150 words)
  2. Analyze that moral question using one of the nine morality theories from chapter 1. How would a proponent of that theory answer the questions of what is the right thing to do, and why (200 to 300 words) ?
  • How do I know that X is good?
  • Why is X good?

3. Include a link to that news story.

 Please clearly number the points 1 to 3  in your document. Your submission should be named using your unique student id, for example, crossv.docx   Submit by before class on the due date.