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It is time to finalize your Key Assignment (Software Development Quality Plan).


Update all of the sections where you have received feedback from your peers and instructor.


These sections should already be complete, and may only need to be updated:


Project goals and scope

Project management process

Requirements management

Process and product quality assurance

Software development methodology


Project quality

Product quality

The following new sections are to be added to your project for this week (2–3 pages):


Section 9: Quality Checklist


Create a table that includes the following:


List 10–12 deliverables that would be required throughout the entire software development life cycle.

Include a key statement that describes the quality review definition.

This would be used as a running list of deliverables and will review the criteria for the entire project. It should contain 4 columns:

Phase, or area of methodology where this deliverable is created

Deliverable name

Deliverable description

Description of quality

Include an introductory paragraph describing what the reader is looking at, and how to use the table.




This is different from Section 6. Section 6 dealt with what standards and activities you should follow. These are deliverables, not activities. That said, there may be some tangential overlap to Section 6. This is allowable, but try to avoid it as much as possible, or add additional new information. In Section 6, the activity may have been to create a particular deliverable, and in this area you simply have the deliverable.


The example below shows that there are 2 deliverables per phase using a waterfall-type model. Use the model you selected earlier and the terms that your particular methodology uses. Although your quality checklists may vary, here is an example:




Deliverable Name



Deliverable Description



Description of quality





Requirements document


2–3 sentences to describe this


What will you look for to make sure this is a quality deliverable? 1–2 sentences






















Section 10: Maintenance and Support


Describe the maintenance and support plan for this software application. Indicate the following:


Show how the changes will be dealt with, whether they are defects or enhancement requests. Create a diagram showing the flow.

Create an overall maintenance release schedule that shows the next 4 releases and indicates the cut-off dates for changes, etc.

Write 1–2 paragraphs detailing the user support plan. This should indicate what the users can count on regarding support. Include any documentation that the users may have available to them, as well as detailing first- and second-level support procedures.

Be sure to update the table of contents, and ensure that all formatting (such as the APA reference sheet) is done correctly.