Situational leadership research paper | Management homework help

I attached my paper and have completed 6 out of 10 pages, not including reference, title, and abstract.  I need you to complete the last four pages. To expand this to 10 pages, I am asking for help in the opening paragraph; literature review section to have each reference reviewed properly; findings section could use more information; and discussion section needs to be complete to include limitations of the studies. 

The final paper will be at least 10 pages with 10 scholarly articles. This does not include the title page, abstract or the reference page. This week you will submit your final paper in APA format and writing.  The below link has an example of the format for this paper.

You must have 10 scholarly articles. Scholarly articles are peer reviewed and can be found via the APU/AMU library. 

Research paper will be in APA format, which means that you need to write a Title Page, Abstract Page and References Page separate from the body of the text of the paper. Avoid unsupported statements whenever possible. In many cases, you will write a paragraph of text and insert a citation only once. When you use a direct quote, include the page number of the source, too.