Sexual education | Education homework help

Teaching sex education can be challenging because of the breadth and range of possible topics, especially at higher grade levels. Review the following topics and write a paragraph long reflection for each topic, which includes (1) how comfortable you feel discussing each topic and (2) how you can prepare yourself to teach each area.

◆ Reproductive anatomy and physiology (e.g., male and female reproductive systems, menstruation, nocturnal emissions)

◆ Sexual development (e.g., physiological development [puberty], psychological development, cultural and societal influ ences, sex roles)

◆ Human reproduction (e.g., fertilization and conception, prenatal development, pregnancy, childbirth) ◆ Family life issues (e.g., parent-child relationships, parenting skills, marriage, divorce, single parenting)

◆ Relationships and interpersonal skills, including decision making, assertiveness, and peer refusal skills

◆ Responsibility regarding sexual activity, including addressing abstinence and how to resist pressures to become prematurely involved in sexual activity

◆ Contraception and/or birth control

◆ HIV infection and other sexually transmitted infections

◆ Sexual abuse and assault (e.g., date rape, incest, child sexual abuse, sexual harassment)

◆ Controversial issues (e.g., abortion, homosexuality, pornography)

Due date for this assignment is Tuesday, 4/12 11:59 pm.