Response to essay. | English homework help

In each RR+R, record a thoughtful response to the essay, addressing an issue of substance. Or it might be a considered reflection on what you liked or disliked about the text, what questions it raised, or what the text made you think of, and why. Please, avoid mere plot summary or simplistic condensation. Select one or maybe two interesting elements of the text in question and record your thoughts and responses. 

·       A 400-500 word entry

·       For each entry, include the author’s name, the title of the work, and the date assigned for class.   Also include full citation information for additional sources.  Use proper in-text citations.

·       A thoughtful reflection on your reading of the piece—evidence that you have “engaged” the text.

·       The avoidance of gratuitous plot summary or condensation.

·       Find a rsearch to support your reflection/argument and cite it.