Research paper about a topic of your choice as long as it is about

Please come up with an outline of your essay and provide your sources at the end. Remember that you need at least three books (not your text book) and two other sources that can be whatever you want as long as it is a sound academic source (Wikipedia will not be accepted as legitimate). 

Outline Template:

Thesis statement: Please insert your thesis statement here. Remember a thesis statement is different from what your paper is about. Your paper might be about witchcraft in Europe but what is your argument? What are you trying to say about it? Why is it important? Come up with one sentence that tells me your perspective on the subject such as “Witchcraft trials in medieval Europe illustrated the gender divisions of the time period.”

I. Make your first point: example – witchcraft trials usually happened to women

II. Make your second point: example – the stereotype of the witch was heavily influenced by women’s work and women’s roles in the home.

III. Make your third point: example – women were considered more vulnerable to the devil because of their presumed weakness. 

Conclusion: restate your thesis in a different way.


Include five sources,  three of which must be books from the library.

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