Religions of the world-compare and contrast paper



Concerning the 5-6 page comparative religion paper:  The student will write a paper comparing and contrasting the different aspects of the 5 major world religions:  Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism.  You will need to integrate the different religions instead of listing one religion after another.  The papers will be in a font of 10 or 12 with one-inch margins and will include a coversheet but not a bibliography, since you are using the websites I give you; the coversheet does not count as part of the 5-6 pages.  Note:  please write at least 5 full pages; 4 ¼ or 4 ¾ pages is not 5 pages.  You will only need to use in-text notations only if you quote from an author. 


All 5 religions will be simultaneously analyzed in these categories.  Use the following subheadings:


a.  Founder of that religion.

b.  Understanding of God or gods. (Does the religion have any; how man?)

c.  Describe the different final “rewards” of the adherent (a member of the religion).  (Where does a person go after their last death.) 

d.  Length of existence of adherent before he/she goes to the final “reward.”  (which ones teach that each person gets one life and which teach that each person gets multiple lives.)

e.  Sacred writings and other important writings (if any other writings exist).  (Some religions have a main sacred writing and then an additional one or ones which help to explain the main sacred writing; include a description of both the main sacred writing and secondary sacred writings (if the religion has any).)

f.   Main divisions within the religion.

g.  Physical worship centers.

h.  General discussion of the difference in basic beliefs.





Comparison and Contrast Paper


Founder of That Religion


    The five religions of Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism have a variety of origins.  Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism each have one founder, Judaism has two founders, and Hinduism does not have a specific origin. 

     The founder of Christianity was Jesus.  [Tell a little about Jesus.]

     The founder of Islam was Muhammad.  [Tell a little about Muhammad.]

     The founder of Buddhism was Siddhartha Gautama.  [Tell a little about Siddhartha.]

     The founders of Judaism are Abraham and Moses.  [Tell a little about Abraham/the Covenant and Moses/the Law.]

     Hinduism does not have one or any particular founders.


Understanding of God or Gods


That is what I mean by comparing and contrasting, you will integrate discussions of the religions with each other whenever possible (first paragraph) and then discuss the differences (remaining paragraphs)