Poem to my husband | English homework help

write a detailed poem to a husband…. you have been married 2 full years… he is very very country and you are city gal…… however he is the best blessing you have ever had! With busy schooling on your part soon to be a provider to him taking on your 2 young children and acting as a father when he never did before! Also he is younger so older women know how to throw down! He didn’t give a rats ass about your past and he had never even had but 1 girlfriend!!! His parents are more than amazing however we skipped out on the wedding….. running away to the mountains to handle our wedding vows. please use this and present a poem or love story. Also mention that the wife the bride is hot headed and crazy and he loves her any way!! She has never seen love until she met his country bumpkin butt! Also she was married before until he swept her off the floor and showed her love unconditionally unlike ever before!!!