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Qualitive research is known as information focused on generating meaning and understanding to data that are related to opinions, concepts, values and behaviors of people in a social context. Qualitive data is collected from interviews, observation field notes, audio/video recording and personal experiences (McLeod, 2017). Sometimes researchers become overwhelmed with the vast amount of data collected. However, with proper organization and using a proper system for tracking will facilitate the analysis. A useful method to organize qualitative research is to use a coding scheme that helps group data with key terms, themes, patterns. Researchers would need to review each data collected and label them to help identify them in a group and help find information a lot easier when starting the analysis process. However, before conducting the analysis researcher needs to make sure there is no missing data and all data is accurate. Making copies of the information and safely storing it is also very important. How the researchers decide to organize their qualitative data needs to be a method that works for them and simplifies finding the information needed.  

Comment 2

Phenomenological qualitative research is different from grounded theory in several ways.  Phenomenological research tries to explain and describe experiences by targeting people who have the experience.  The data is collected through interviews and refer to it as the “lived experience.”  This experience allows researchers to then report their findings as characteristics of the experience.  It is based on philosophy and interprets and enhance others real experiences.  Grounded Theory is based in sociology which tries to create a “grounded theory” to describe what is being studied.  Unlike phenomenological, grounded researchers use all data gathered through interviews, observations, dairies and literature.  This is called constant comparison.  They compare all elements and try to use contradictory elements to strengthen their case. They use language, relationships, religion, etc. to find a deeper meaning.

Phenomenological qualitative research and grounded theory are similar in that they both examine real life experiences and situations.  Both require in-depth interaction between the researchers and whom or what they are researching and keep their experiences free from the researchers influence or preconceived ideas.