Pharmacological-Herbal Management PowerPoint Presentations – Assignment-Witer

Powerpoint template attached.
HERBS ASSIGNED:   Red Yeast Rice &  Co-Q10


Pharmacological-Herbal Management PowerPoint Presentations
For this assignment, you are to complete a PowerPoint presentation addressing the specific criteria below.
The PowerPoint presentation will be based on the topic assigned to you.
Assignments will be posted in announcements during Week 1. If you cannot locate your assignment contact the instructor.
Your presentation must include the following headings.
Heading – Title PageHeading – Assigned Herbs & Reported UsesHeading – Reported Doses of Assigned HerbsHeading – Cautions of the Assigned HerbsHeading – Drug Interactions of the Assigned HerbsHeading – Adverse Reactions of the Assigned HerbsHeading – ConclusionsHeading – Reference Page
The Powerpoint template titled Pharmacological – Herbal Management Project for you to follow as a guide for this week’s assignment

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