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NSG 4074 Culturally Competent Nursing Assignment
NSG 4074 Culturally Competent Nursing Assignment
NSG4074 Health Promotion and Clinical Prevention
Week 2 Project
Culturally Competent Nursing
For this assignment, you will interview a person from a cultural background that is different from your own. Using the twelve domains of culture from the Purnell Model, discuss the health practices of that culture and compose a scholarly paper in a Microsoft Word document of 5–6 pages formatted in APA style.
In your paper, you should include the following:
Select a person from a cultural group different from your own. You may choose a patient, friend, or work colleague. For the sake of confidentiality, do not reveal the name of the person you interview; use only initials.
For the person you select, complete the cultural assessment using questions 1 through 12 from the Purnell Model for Cultural Competence in your textbook, Transcultural Health Care: A Culturally Competent Approach.
On a separate page, cite all sources using APA format.
NSG 4074 Culturally Competent Nursing AssignmentUse this APA Citation Helper as a convenient reference for properly citing resources.
This handout will provide you the details of formatting your essay using APA style.
You may create your essay in this APA-formatted template.
Submission Details:
Name the document SU_NSG4074_W2_A2_LastName_FirstInitial.doc.
Submit it to the Submissions Area by the due date assigned.

NSG  Culturally Competent Nursing Assignment
Cultural competence in nursing aids the growth and development of nurses while also incorporating relevant societal values. Nursing as a career is versatile—from caring for the sick, providing treatment plans, taking care of the elderly in a home, and more.
NSG 4074 Culturally Competent Nursing AssignmentThe best nurses are not only technically sound but also experts in cultural competence.
Cultural competence in nursing: what it meansCultural competence in nursing implies the ability of health care workers to give the best medical care to patients while demonstrating cultural awareness for their beliefs, race, and values. It entails having knowledge of patients’ cultural diversity and treating them with this in mind.
NSG 4074 Culturally Competent Nursing AssignmentCultural competence prepares nurses to empathize, relate more to patients, and attend more deeply to their needs. Hospital patients can often be agitated or stressed. Having someone on their care team who speaks their language or understands their unique background may help them to relax, leading to greater therapy and overall care.
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