Need help with an excel spreadsheet – due today

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I need help creating an excel spread sheet, I am not sure where to start on this one. Thank you

PLEASE NOTE – ALL RELEVANT information is attached. I mainly need the help with the spreadsheet.




Using the information calculated in previous weeks’ activities (NOI, debt service, interest, depreciation, and taxes (using an assumed 28% tax bracket) and ATCF) compute the before- tax IRR and NPV as well as the after-tax IRR and NPV.  Briefly discuss the impact of the following:

1)         A lower interest rate on the loan

2)         A higher depreciation deduction

3)         A lower NOI (aka higher expenses)

4)         A lower tax rate

You  must submit an EXCEL spreadsheet to validate your analysis.  Show the different scenarios in different tabs of the spreadsheet.   Ideally you will create a “master” table with all of your variables and reference each of the variables in your formulas.


Property I am using:–NewarkCA.pdf&ei=Qwb0UabMD6vriQLz8oHoCA&usg=AFQjCNEp_-SB0ISu74lMOrJQaTEpcNuHYg&sig2=XrDBUjj7osxxn4rxqlzv4A&bvm=bv.49784469,d.cGE