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Management Information Systems (MIS) assist management in manipulating business data, developing reports for business analysis, and decision support for business operations. Students should propose an information systems project and present a short paper discussing the business aspects utilizing management information systems. Students will also submit a short presentation detailing their proposed information system, clearly stating the purpose.

Imperative to the project is that students (at a minimum) clearly demonstrate how their proposed information system (1) provides business intelligence (2) provides a competitive advantage using Porter’s model (3) and details how information security is addressed with the implementation of the system.

The project deliverables include (1) project proposal of 3-4 pages and (2) PowerPoint presentation of 3-5 slides that highlight the key points of the project proposal. Students will submit all parts in the course LMS by the due date. A rubric is used to assess the degree that it provides evidence of student learning of the stated student learning outcomes. Stated another way, each project should strive to:

● describe the fundamental elements of information system principles and concepts.
● identify ways to manage the human resources involved in information systems management.
● examine the technology involved in information systems, past, present, and future.
● summarize methodologies for planning, developing, and implementing management information systems.
● recommend information systems based on stated course objectives.

Task instructions:

1. Students should use APA 7 formatting for the project proposal. Five to seven citations should be used. APA guidelines can be found at
2. The project proposal and PowerPoint presentation should include a title page. The title page and references are not included in the required page count. Title page should include your name, date, and “CIS 335 Final Project” as the title of the assignment.
3. Please use 12-point Times New Roman text for both the paper and PowerPoint presentation.
4. The PowerPoint presentation should be attractive with no more than 3-4 bullet points per slide. References are not required for the presentation.