Lmgt 1321 intro/materials handling | English homework help

LMGT 1321 Intro/Materials Handling

The Challenge: Design the Best Egg Packaging/Protection Device



To build an egg drop apparatus to protect a raw egg that is dropped from the top of a building

(approximately 40 ft. tall) onto concrete. Restrictions:

The container may be no longer than four inches on any side. For each millimeter that the container is off a point will be deducted from the final grade. This includes the use of parachutes, etc.

Grading Criteria:

If the student’s apparatus does not withstand the first drop, he or she receives the grade of a 50. If it does withstand the initial drop, he or she receives a 70. If the egg inside the object survives being thrown from the building, the student receives a 100.

Note: Keep in mind that the protector should remain easy to manufacture and material costs should be kept to a minimum.



1. Describe your egg protection device.

I have attached pictures so I need you to describe it )




2. The Role of Packaging in Our Lives

Almost all consumer goods have some type of packaging associated with them during shipment to stores and/or during their entire life cycle from the point of manufacture to the use by the consumer. Discuss what hazards must be protected against in the transportation of products so that the consumer receives the product unharmed.



3. Materials of Construction for Packaging

Over the past decades, packaging has changed dramatically due to the introduction of plastics. Packaging now is lighter, stronger, more resistant to impact, more economical, and more environmentally responsible than packaging of the past (metals, cardboard, glass). Discuss examples of such revolutions in packaging as the use of plastics in soft drink bottles, milk containers, grocery bags.