Keystone assignment: my favorite microbe powerpoint presentation

Create an original presentation with speaker notes. You will not be presenting your PowerPoint to the online class, you are only required to research, write, and submit the presentation. Here are the detailed requirements:

  • Use a total of 6 references for your presentation: 3 peer-reviewed and 3 credible resources.
    • Include data from at least 3 peer-reviewed articles (primary research). You can obtain your articles from the NU Library. Consider contacting the library for help (email: [email protected]).
    • Provide at least 3 other credible resources. Do NOT use Wikipedia, Blogs, Encyclopedia, or other non-credible sources — these will not count towards your 6 references.
  • Make a PowerPoint with bullet points of concepts and information obtained from your research.
    • Your PowerPoint should contain at least 12 slides of information, plus a title slide and a reference slide (in APA format).
    • The title and reference slides do not count in your required minimum of 12 slides.
  • Write your talk in the note section of the PowerPoint.
    • These notes should contain details from your research and not just general information. The notes should be in your own words and not a copy/paste from your research. This video will show you how to make speaker notes in your PowerPoint: