Journal 1—2 pages apa format—no plagiarism

TOPIC: Collaborative Decision making: Empowering nurse leaders

Daily Journal format:

  1. All journal entries are 2 pages typed and double-spaced, reflective response which summarizes what you read and learned through reading articles.**Article attached**
  2. Font size = 12 Times New Roman
  3. Each entry is compliant with guideline questions. 
  4. At least 1 Citation/s and reference list are compliant with APA 7th edition standards


  1. Date (corresponds with journal entry) 
  2. What did I do? (Brief description of the activity)
  3. What did I learn? (Personal reflection)
  4. What were the positives and or negatives about the experience?
  5. What were the components that impacted your practice?
  6. Recommendations for future experiences or practice?

——–Reflections must demonstrate a high degree of critical thinking in applying, analyzing, and evaluating key course concepts and theories from readings, lectures, media, discussions activities, and/or assignments. Insightful and relevant connections are made through contextual explanations, inferences, and examples. Synthesizes current virtual experience into future implications. 

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