Introduction to contractor safety | Applied Sciences homework help

Consider the organization you currently work for, or one you worked for in the past. How were the safety and health goals and objectives communicated to employees? Was it effective? How could it have been done better?


The organization that I work for usually start the day off work by defining the scope of work that needs to be performed, from the task of the day we then create a forum where the various hazards associated with the task are then communicated to everyone by a means of employees giving their own point that would help in the safe execution of the task without any injuries or health hazards. The goal is to successfully perform the task safely and to watch out for each other in case of any errors that could lead to injuries.

  It is very effective because ideas come from different employees that helps put everyone on the same page. Some hazards that one could not remember, others will share the idea and some other employees will benefit. Also, all employees are conscious of the hazards and know how to avoid them.

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