I need the final paper of 6 pages, presentation of 10 slides


I need the Final Paper of 6 pages, presentation of 10 slides including notes and one page of Initial draft

I attached one pdf, which is my course study, you need to select one case from the pack and then do the assignment.

Final Assignment (Final Draft)

The requirements for the final draft is the same as the initial draft except that you also address any feedback provided from the initial draft. Reproduced again are the requirements:

  1. Number of Pages: 6 (excluding cover sheet and references)
  2. APA Style Coversheet
  3. Introduction (high-level findings of the case study)
  4. As you work through this paper, analyze the following areas (6 pages):
    • Strategic business objective pursued,
    • The specific types of leadership styles employed,
    • The challenges faced and results achieved,
    • The causes of success or failure and
    • If you were the leader to solve this challenge, what would you have done differently?
  5. Recommendations
  6. Conclusion
  7. References


Placing yourself as the leader responsible for global leadership, you will synthesize in a presentation your findings from the Initial draft to Final Assignment. Provide details of your analysis and what style would you have adopted to solve the problem differently. Please specify clearly any assumptions made. This presentation should be a persuasive presentation to the classroom, similar to a Tedtalk, townhall or board setting, (no just voice) effective presentation mediums such as PowerPoint or Prezi.  

Presentation Length: 4/5 min each team member.

Number of Slides: Recommended 10 slides (apart from introduction and thank you slides)

Please spell check presentations and ensure that they are not text-heavy. 

Delivery of the presentation also will be judged by being able to make eye contact with the audience, avoid reading from slides, voice projection, etc.