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HIT 210 Health Record Functions & Data Attributes Discussion
HIT 210 Health Record Functions & Data Attributes Discussion
Health Record Functions & Data Attributes (graded)Discuss functions of the health record. Connect functions of the health records to the quality of data and information in the health record. How do these functions support the purpose of health records?

HIT 210 Health Record Functions & Data Attributes Discussion
Before a practice can begin their EHR search, it’s necessary to understand what a well-designed, functional system looks like. According to guidelines developed by the American Medical Association, a successful EHR system should do the following:
1. AN EHR SHOULD ENHANCE PHYSICIANS’ ABILITY TO PROVIDE HIGH-QUALITY PATIENT CAREEfficient, clear communication between patients and providers is a cornerstone for any EHR software. The software should fit seamlessly into the practice and not become a distraction from patients for providers.
2. AN EHR SHOULD PROMOTE SUPPORT TEAM-BASED CAREHIT 210 Health Record Functions & Data Attributes DiscussionThe software’s design and configuration should promote ease of use for both clinical staff and physicians alike. Allowing for delegation of various aspects of a patients’ care to the appropriate staff members is vital.
3. AN EHR SHOULD PROMOTE CARE COORDINATIONEHR software should have the ability to track referrals and consultations, while also enabling referring physicians to follow the patient’s progress throughout their care.
4. AN EHR SHOULD OFFER PRODUCT MODULARITY AND CONFIGURABILITYEvery practice’s needs vary, and a strong EHR software will allow for adjustments to meet their requirements. Functional program interfaces make this an achievable goal.
5. AN EHR SHOULD REDUCE COGNITIVE WORKLOADEHR systems are meant to stream-line workflow, not complicate it. In this capacity, they should support medical decision-making by offering concise, context-sensitive, and real-time data—all adjusted for information flow, context, environment, and user preferences.
6. AN EHR SHOULD PROMOTE DATA LIQUIDITYAs the healthcare industry places more importance on interoperability, EHR systems should rise to meet this challenge. By allowing data to be exported across various institutions involved in a patient’s care—hospitals, laboratories, pharmacies, etc—a more fully fleshed-out patient health record can be developed.
7. AN EHR SHOULD FACILITATE DIGITAL AND MOBILE PATIENT ENGAGEMENTHIT 210 Health Record Functions & Data Attributes DiscussionMore patients have turned to mobile health monitoring apps, both for their medical records and for wellness. Choosing an EHR that has mobile-friendly software is important.
8. AN EHR SHOULD EXPEDITE USER INPUT INTO PRODUCT DESIGN AND POST-IMPLEMENTATION FEEDBACKA truly user-oriented EHR system will take its users’ feedback into account regarding design, functionality, and efficiency.
With these qualities in mind, identifying vendors who offer well-crafted EHR software becomes a less daunting task.
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