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Healthcare Information Applications HIT 210 Discussion
Healthcare Information Applications HIT 210 Discussion
Healthcare Information Applications (graded)Describe and discuss the four basic categories of information systems applications used in healthcare, clinical information systems, administrative information systems, management support systems, research, and data analytics systems. In your response, refer to Sayles, pages 910-926.

Healthcare Information Applications HIT 210 Discussion
The increase of technology in the healthcare world is not just good news for patients, it’s good news for doctors and administrators. With every new advance in imaging, collaboration, or cyber security, healthcare providers can offer faster and more accurate treatment than ever before. Healthcare-specific tools like MediBabble help break down the barriers between physicians and patients. As patients become more knowledgeable and administrators become more mobile, these nine apps help health information technologists and managers bring essential medical information and support literally to the palm of your hand, where it’s needed most.
MEDIBABBLEHealthcare Information Applications HIT 210 DiscussionThis free, professional-grade tool is designed to help doctors and administrators speak a language the patient can understand – simplicity. The app is pre-loaded with medical history and common exam questions in languages such as Spanish, French, Russian, German, and Haitian. Each phrase is double-verified by physicians for accuracy, which both increases accuracy of treatment and ensures non-native patients a positive and productive medical experience.
ATHENAHEALTH EHR SUITE (ATHENATEXT)Whether you run a small office or a large hospital complex, the Athena Health suite gives you instant feedback on vital statistics as they happen. The mobile app (athenaText) connects with the larger Athena Health Records EHR program, providing connection with administration goals and providing secure and instant collaboration. You can text questions to other admins or doctors, check on collections, and see stats for individual patients.
LYBRATE FOR DOCTORSAlthough Lybrate is marketed as a doctor’s tool, it is also an excellent management device for administrators. This application basically makes whatever facility you run completely mobile. You can add patients, create appointments, track payments, and record treatments – all from your smart phone. In addition, the Dashboard gives you up-to-the-minute stats on the efficiency of your practice and common treatments.
MEDIGRAMHealthcare Information Applications HIT 210 DiscussionThe Medigram app for smart phones is designed to completely replace your outdated pager. This secure messaging app allows you to have amazing access to colleagues and support staff from any location where you can use your phone. The 256-bit AES encryption, designed to exceed NIST standards, ensures that all your texts are at military-level security. In addition, you can share charts and images to provide better overall care for your patients.
MARS PLUSThis is a brand new application that also provides healthcare administrators with complete access to their facilities from a mobile device. Admins can upload patient records, review patient care history, and manage the financial aspects of their organizations from virtually any device. Although this app is still in the early stages, it is potentially invaluable for healthcare admins working at multiple locations.
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