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Haier Case Study




Read the case of “Haier: Pursuing the Customer-Inspired Supply Chain.” For this assignment, you will review this case and analyze Haier‘s efforts to ensure an effective and efficient supply chain. Complete the following:


Review “Haier: Pursuing the Customer-Inspired Supply Chain,” on the attached document.


Please answer the following questions using the “Numbered Heading” indicated below (1, 2 & 3);



  1. Describe the drivers for causing Haier to shut down the company’s central warehouse.
  2. Describe what organizational and supply chain strategies Haier has used to become the number-one white-goods brand in China.
  3. Describe Haier‘s characters and strategies for its successful global and domestic supply chains.

Your assignment should be 2–3 double-spaced pages (Body Only) along with a references page.

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