Hackers attack tesco | Computer Science homework help

Hackers attack Tesco

  Nowadays with the acceleration of new technologies  e-commerce competes the traditional commerce on a global range and gives a wide fields for profits . The development of Information Technology (IT), the integration of computer with its multiple sizes and the existence of smart cell-phones that can connect to the internet all have helped people to sell and buy whenever and wherever easily. In case of the privacy and security which are still ongoing research problems, there have been some interesting and significant findings. In the last five years that bear important consequences for e-commerce sites and consumers. Privacy had become understood  now by many to be a social construction with expectations the largest consideration. Yet, privacy is also considered a public issue by regulators, who have nonetheless largely allowed technology to unfold to date. Also security now is understood to be largely imperfect, the continual cat-and-mouse game of security expert and hacker. According to the topic of the final project that could touch all of the mentioned above, Tesco, an international supermarket chain, has been forced to deactivate online customer accounts after hackers took aim at its systems. As mentioned in news.cnet.com the company confirmed to The Guardian on Friday 14 February 2014 that over 2,200 of its accounts were compromised (Reisinger, 2014).


Reisinger, D. (2014), Hackers hit Tesco as over 2,200 accounts compromised, retrieved from http://news.cnet.com/8301-1009_3-57618917-83/hackers-hit-tesco-as-over-2200-accounts-compromised

Gibbs, S (2014), Thousands of Tesco.com customer accounts suspended after hacker attack, retrieved from http://www.theguardian.com/technology/2014/feb/14/tesco-customer-accounts-suspended-hacker-attack



The Quastion

review and analyze the breach along the following dimensions:

·         What went wrong?

·         Why did it occur?

·         Who was responsible?

·         How could it have been prevented?

·         What advice would you offer to prevent such a breach from occurring in the future?

Using MS Word, prepare an assignment of 5-8 academic articles or other sources of information about the breach.  Your assignment might include scans or links to articles or media reports.  Each item must have a caption crediting it, in complete APA format.  Use your assignment as evidence in support of your analysis of the chosen incident.  

Submit your assignment as a single document. Multiple documents cannot be submitted for grading. The assignment should reflect guidelines using APA formatting and include a page of references in addition to the captions on each article.