Family communication practice start assignment

Jennifer Marden is beginning a new school year and has a set goal of trying to improve her communication with the families of her kindergarten class. She has realized that nine of the 18 children in her room will ride the bus, so she will rarely see their families. Three of the children will be dropped off by parents on their way to work, so she will see only one parent out of each of those families – and often very briefly. The remaining six families will have regular contact because they bring their children into the classroom, although she knows that three of these families speak limited English. Last year, Jennifer used a bulletin board as her primary method of communication. 

  1. What are the potential problems in limiting herself to the use of the bulletin board for communication this year?
  2. Identifying some communication methods that might be appropriate in Jennifer’s situation. 
  3. What can Jennifer do to enhance communication with the families who speak little English?