Examine the ratings of the different tv shows and/or movies | OGE2930


Week 11 Assignment

You have been asked to conduct research regarding TV and movie ratings of several popular TV shows.

Please use the following site for assistance with TV and movie ratings:

http://www.nielsen.com/us/en.html (Links to an external site.)

Research a minimum of six popular TV shows and/or movies.

1. Research their ratings

2. Research the rank and viewers

3. Research the different trends of these programs, for a minimum of one month.

 In 500-600 words, examine the ratings of the different TV shows and/or movies you chose. Why are descriptive and inferential statistics important to the ratings? What applied statistical strengths exist in analyzing of TV and/or movie ratings? What weaknesses exist? From a statistical perspective, what can be done to improve data collection and analysis of TV and movie ratings?

 In this work, you must use your text as a source. You must also use an additional two scholarly sources. This assignment must also be in APA format.

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