Empathy The kind of awareness

Empathy The kind of awareness
Empathy The kind of awareness
The kind of awareness a sociological imagination produces can be unsettling because it forces us to see things we would prefer not to. If forces us to pay attention to the hardships and options other people face.  If we understand how  others’ circumstances differ from our own, we are more likely to be empathetic,  to give them the respect they deserve as human beings. We are less likely to condemn them unfairly for doing things we dislike or disagree with. In fact, having a sociological imagination can help decrease the amount of hatred and conflict in the world.
I sometimes visualize the ongoing cycle of racismas a moving walkway at the airport.
Active racist behavior is equivalent towalking fast on the conveyor belt.
The person engaged in active racist behaviorhas identified with the ideology of white supremacyand is moving with it.
Passive racist behavior is equivalent to standing still on the walkway.
No overt effort is made, but the conveyor movesthe bystanders along to the same destinationas those who are actively walking.
Some of the bystanders may feel the motion of the conveyor belt,see the active racists ahead of them, and choose to turn around,unwilling to go to the same destinationof the white supremacists.  But unless they are actively walkingin the opposite direction at a speed faster thanthe conveyor belt — unless they are actively anti-racists— they willfind themselves carried along with others.Beverly D. Tatum
Answer these questions: sociological imagination
Where Do You Stand?
Where are you on the moving walkway?

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