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Discussion: Stem Cells and CVD BSC 2347
Discussion: Stem Cells and CVD BSC 2347
Week 2 discussion
Stem Cells and CVD
According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention(2015), cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the leading cause of deaths in theUnited States, equating to about 1 in every 4 deaths, even though CVD islargely preventable. What are some conditions and causes of cardiovasculardisease? What is the financial and societal impact of CVD within the UnitedStates?
Discussion: Stem Cells and CVD BSC 2347Despite CVD being largely preventable and the amount ofeffort that has been placed on educational awareness, it still is a leadingcause of deaths. Recently, various studies have shown promise with stem celltherapy treating heart disease.
Discussion: Stem Cells and CVD BSC 2347Research stem cell therapy in the treatment ofheart disease and the possible promises it has as a therapy. Should science andhealth care pursue this a treatment option for heart disease? Why or why not?What obstacles and issues would it have to overcome to become a commontreatment for heart disease?

Discussion: Stem Cells and CVD BSC 2347
Stem cells for CVD therapyDiscussion: Stem Cells and CVD BSC 2347In fact, stem cell-based therapies for cardiac regeneration can be used to cure CVD in a manner that traditional medicines and newer biological therapies still cannot, even though they are used as established treatments for cardiac damage and heart failure
How can stem cells help with cardiovascular diseases?The consensus now is that adult stem cells have modest, if any, benefit to cardiac function. Research shows that pluripotent stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes can form beating human heart muscle cells that both release the necessary signals and replace muscle lost to heart attack.
Discussion: Stem Cells and CVD BSC 2347What cells are affected by cardiovascular disease?CVD irreversibly damage the cardiomyocytes, the heart muscle cells. This loss triggers a cascade of detrimental events, including formation of scar tissue, an overload of blood flow and pressure capacity, the overstretching of viable cardiac cells, leading to heart failure and eventual death.
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