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Discussion: Self-Reflection BSC 2347
Discussion: Self-Reflection BSC 2347
Week 11 discussion
You’re in your last week of Anatomy and Physiology II,finishing up two difficult quarters of anatomy and physiology. Take a momentand reflect on how much your knowledge of human anatomy and physiology hasimproved and increased. Share why you are pursuing a degree in your specificprofessional field and how this degree will change and improve your life.
How will your increase knowledge of anatomy and physiologyassist your ability within your field? Lastly, these courses worked onimproving your critical thinking skills through various assignments, such asthe case study assignments. Why is critical thinking important within yourprofessional field and how will you work to further improve your criticalthinking skills?

Discussion: Self-Reflection BSC 2347
What Is Self-Reflection? A Self-Reflection DefinitionSimply put, self-reflection (also known as “personal reflection”) is taking the time to think about, meditate on, evaluate, and give serious thought to your behaviors, thoughts, attitudes, motivations, and desires. It’s the process of diving deep into your thoughts and emotions and motivations and determining the great, “Why?” behind them.
Personal reflection allows you to analyze your life from both a macro and micro level. At a macro level, you can evaluate the overall trajectory of your life. You can see where you’re headed, determine whether you’re happy with the direction, and make adjustments as necessary.
At a micro level, you can evaluate your responses to particular circumstances and events. Geil Browning, Ph.D., talks about personal reflection like this:
“Reflection is a deeper form of learning that allows us to retain every aspect of any experience, be it personal or professional — why something took place, what the impact was, whether it should happen again — as opposed to just remembering that it happened. It’s about tapping into every aspect of the experience, clarifying our thinking, and honing in on what really matters to us.”Practicing self-reflection takes discipline and intentionality. It requires pressing pause on the chaos of life and simply taking the time to think and ponder about your life, which is not an easy thing for many people to do. But it’s an incredibly valuable practice.
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