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Discussion: Analyzing a Research Article NHS 8050
Discussion: Analyzing a Research Article NHS 8050
NHS8050 Preparing for the Professional Doctorate in Nursing and Health Sciences
Unit 6 Discussion
Analyzing a Research Article
Note: Please complete this discussion before completing the assignment in this unit.
For this discussion, select one of the peer-reviewed articles you included in your evidence table for the Unit 5 assignment.
In your initial post:
Cite the article and provide your own analysis of it. Use the general outline for analyzing a research article from the Analyze Results page (link given in the resources).
State why this specific article is important to your course project.
Post according to the Faculty Expectations Response Guidelines. Be sure to include at least one APA-formatted citation (in-text plus full reference). The citation should be from materials you have read during this unit. It may be from course textbooks, assigned readings, or an outside source.

Discussion: Analyzing a Research Article NHS 80
What is a Critical Analysis Writing?Critical analysis writing means evaluation of author’s work where it can be a news article analysis, a research journal article, a book, transcript of a conference or even a movie.In most cases, it has an aim to increase reader’s understanding of an article’s thesis and the contents. A critical analysis article writing is subjective because it expresses writer’s opinion, analysis or evaluation of a given text. In order to understand that you are working with a critical analysis, you have to remember that analysis means breaking down and studying of the parts. As already mentioned, there can be many types of articles to analyze. You have to understand what type of an article you are going to work with, so you can come up with a right tone and format of your future essay.
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