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Topic should be addressed in sufficient detail to fully describe the properties of the concepts involved and should be at least three paragraphs with four (4) to five (5) sentences each. The posting should be in your own words with a minimal use of quotes.

Suppose that you discover a small glowing disk of light while searching the sky with a telescope. How would you determine whether this object was a planetary nebula? What else could this object be?


1. Explain how and why the turnoff point on the H-R Diagram of a cluster is related to the cluster’s age.

2. Describe the evolutionary stages of a one solar mass star from birth to death. (Hint: Think about the closest one solar mass star.) 

3. What are the potential outcomes for the death of a star over 8 solar masses?

4. Compare a nova with a Type Ia supernova.  What do they have in common? How are they different?

5. What would be the effect on Earth’s orbit if the Sun were to suddenly become a black hole? (Hint: You will not find the direct answer in the book, so you’ll need to think about the properties of gravitation and black holes to provide your answer.)

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