Discussion 1 and 2 | political science | University of Illinois at Springfield

300-400 words, Due Sunday at 12pm. No late works please.

Discussion 1 

Legalization of cannabis was on the ballot in many US States as well as indirectly on a Federal level as well in 2020  Read the chapter material and the following article:

Federal Criminalization of Cannabis (Links to an external site.)

Using any of the numerous perspectives falling under the heading of “Critical Criminology”, explain why recreational Cannabis use remains illegal in most of the United States. In other words, how would a critical criminologist explain the criminalization of the recreational use of cannabis (as opposed to say a rational choice or a strain theorist).  Caution/Hint: they would have very little interest in explaining its dangerousness to the user or its perceived “harm” to society. Be sure to also include references to the article and your text as usual.

reference: chapter 8

Discussion 2

Many of you have heard of the increasing popularity of “ban the box” policies in cities across the US.  Please view the following Ted Talk by Jacksonville FL attorney Kevin Hyde:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ucSfbcTZ708 (Links to an external site.)

Using various concepts from one or more of the various developmental theories from chapter 9 explain the theoretical reasons why most criminological research would support “ban the box” type employment policies.

reference: chapter 9

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