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DHA 722 Individual Assignment Health Care Policy Investigation
DHA 722 Individual Assignment Health Care Policy Investigation
Resources: Readings, APA Sample Paper in the Center for Writing ExcellenceWrite a 350- to 700-word paper in which you formulate a research question or problem statement around the health care policy chosen in Week Two and provide background information, including the following:
Brief statement of the problemPurpose of the studyResearch questionsHistory of the policyIdentification of five key societal variables and market forces that contributed to shaping the policyFive key effects of the policy on health care

DHA  Individual Assignment Health Care Policy Investigation
Conducting Internal Investigations in Health Care Organizations is a practical “how-to” guide written by the former HHS Inspector General and nationally renowned expert on compliance and investigations, Richard Kusserow. The HHS Office of Inspector General stresses the critical role of conducting internal investigations effectively, particularly as they relate to potential violations of regulations and law. This brand-new resource provides guidance on ways to address conducting an internal investigation from start to finish: from the evaluation of allegations; gathering and documenting evidence; techniques in debriefing complainants, witnesses, and subjects; writing interview and investigative reports; all the way to the resolution of cases. The guide contains 17 chapters devoted to what those charged with conducting compliance and other internal investigations need to know and do before, during and after any investigations. It includes more than 30 adaptable policy and form templates and detailed case studies applying the principles laid out in the guide.
DHA 722 Individual Assignment Health Care Policy InvestigationIn government investigations into pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, and insurance company conduct, our health care consultants bring a unique breadth of data-related expertise, including hands-on knowledge of numerous data sources; access to proprietary data; and experience in analyzing data from clinical trials, FDA spontaneous reports, health insurance claims, and plaintiff medical records. Our teams have assessed economic and financial issues related to alleged violations of the False Claims Act; Anti-Kickback Statute; Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act; and Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA).
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