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CSS 422 WEEK 2 Discussion



Supporting Activity: Software Architecture Terminology


Write a 50- to 150-word response to the following:


1Discuss how some of these terms are related to each other. You may pick any three terms.




    Architecture style

    Architecture pattern


Supporting Activity: Process for Designing an Application


Write a 50- to 100-word response to the following question:


2 Describe a good process for designing an application for which the development team has no prior experience in the domain of the application. Leverage one of your past experiences if necessary.


Software Engineering: Modern Approaches


Write a 50- to 100-word response to the following questions:


3 How would you employ the agile practices of pair programming, frequent team interaction, and dedicated customer involvement in a distributed development environment?



4Suppose, as a supporter of architecture practices, you were asked to write an Architecture Manifesto that was modeled on the Agile Manifesto. What would it look like?


5. Agile project must be budgeted and scheduled like any other. How would you do that? Does architecture help or hinder this process?

6.  What do you think are the essential skills for an architect operating in an agile context? How do you suppose they differ for an architect working in a non-Agile project?

7 The Agile Manifesto professes to value individuals and interactions over processes and tools. Rationalize these statements in terms of the role of tools in the modern software development process: compilers, integrated development environments, debuggers, configuration managers, automatic test tools, and build and configuration tools.





8. Critique the Agile Manifesto in the context of a 200-developer, 5-million-line project with an expected lifetime of 20 year.




Individual: Design Patterns




Prepare a 2- half page paper comparing and contrasting three of the design patterns listed. Choose any three from the list.


  • Broker

  • Model-View-Controller

  • Pipe-and-Filter

  • Client-Server

  • Peer-to-Peer

  • Service-Oriented

  • Publish-Subscribe

  • Shared-Data

  • Map-Reduce

  • Multi-tier




First describe what each of your selected design pattern choices have in common with each other.


Second describe what each of your selected design pattern choices is different from each other.


Use appropriate external citations and references (minimum of 3), in addition to including references to the required readings/videos where relevant (at least 1), within the assignment. Be sure citations and references follow the University of Phoenix approved style guide format (the Written Assignments Guidelines, along with properly cited APA references). Please Note: Dictionary and Encyclopedia citations and references will not count towards your reference/citation count.  Refer to the Instructor Policies to identify External and Internal references.