Creative project | English homework help

Please upload your creative projects here. You may upload a maximum of 4 files. Remember to include: 1) the project itself, 2) a short description of what the project is (e.g., “My project is a haiku on a passage in the Euthyphro”), and 3) a brief explanation of the connection between the project and the text you’ve selected or an explanation of the relationship between the project and your experience reading the text you’ve selected. Most Gators will include all the explanatory information (items 2 and 3) in a single text document. So if you’re project is a photo of a drawing you did, you’d probably upload two files: the digital photo and the description and explanation. But if your project is text, like a haiku, for instance, just put all three elements (#1-3) on the same text document. You don’t need to upload three separate files.