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The attached document is a report created by the Justice Policy Institute,
“This report compares and contrasts the criminal justice policies and social, economic, and governmental structures of five countries – Australia, Canada, England and Wales, Finland and Germany – to the United States. While each nation has a unique set of circumstances and realities, each has enough fundamental similarities to the U.S. that cross-national policy adoption could be considered. An evaluation of the various similarities and differences can broaden the existing dialogue and create more momentum for the types of systemic reforms that will reduce the burden of over-incarceration on communities, states, and the country as a whole.”
Begin by reading through the report, and then pick one other country to highlight, along with the United States.  Complete your assignment using those two countries.

  • Assignment: Create a Comparison of Court Systems: Create a visual representation of a comparison between the United States justice system and another country. 
    Please only use the resources cited in this module for your information.  Choose one country to compare to the United States, and three separate points of comparison.
     showing the information from the country of your choice, and include a comparison of the United States. 

For example, you could compare violent crimes and look at the rates of arrests, convictions, and recidivism. 

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