Case study: transforming intra-african air connectivity

  • Read the resources provided below in the attachments section
  • Prepare a 2-3 page case study that explains the information provided, identifies the benefits and drawbacks of liberalization, summarizes the case study of your choice from Chapter 3.4 of “Transforming Intra-African Air Connectivity” (linked below), and presents your thoughts.
  • Include an assessment of socioeconomic and ethical forces relevant to your case study and provide possible solutions for those issues.
  • Be sure to include additional research and resources to support your case study.
  • The assignment should be written according to the current APA format. This includes a title page, header, page numbers, restatement of the title on the top line above the introduction, conclusion, a reference page (at least three references), and all in-text and reference citations.

Use the following reference