Case Study: Hematology and Cardiovascular Systems BSC 2347 – Online Nursing Essays

Case Study: Hematology and Cardiovascular Systems BSC 2347
Case Study: Hematology and Cardiovascular Systems BSC 2347
Module 02Written Assignment – Case Study 1 Due
Module 02 Case Study:Hematology and Cardiovascular Systems
Each question is worth 1 point, unless otherwise noted.
It’s All Greek To Me:Part I—”Something’s Not Right” Questions
1. What arethe symptoms of anemia?
2. Why didthe parents change Nikoleta’s formula to a high iron baby formula?
It’s All Greek To Me:Part II—”The Test Results” Questions
1. Are thelab results of the CBC normal? Which values are normal and which are not? Why are there different normal values forhemoglobin levels and RBC count in males and females?
2. Why wasan analysis of Mr. and Mrs. Stamos’ blood ordered? Would a picture of Mr.Stamos’ red blood cells look like Nikoleta’s red blood cells?
3. Do redblood cells normally have nuclei? Whatis erythroblastic anemia?
It’s All Greek To Me:Part III—”The Family Returns” Questions
1. What isthe most likely diagnosis for Nikoleta?

Case Study: Hematology and Cardiovascular Systems BSC 2347
2. What arethe general features of this disease?
It’s All Greek To Me:Part IV—”The Doctor Continues” Questions
1. Describethe structure of hemoglobin and how does oxygen bind to it?
2. If youwere the genetic counselor, what would you suggest to Mr. and Mrs. Stamosconcerning having more children? Why?
Wake Up Call: PartI—”Panic” Questions
1. Howlikely is Denise’s early morning situation to be a heart problem, an asthma attack, or panic attack? Why do you say this? What are the symptomsthat are consistent with your preliminary diagnosis? Is there anything unusual?
Wake Up Call: PartII—”Panic” Questions
1. What arethe coronary arteries and how does smoking and second hand smoke affect them?
2. Why isoxygen is important to cells, especially cardiac muscle cells? What are collateral vessels and how do theyrelate to blood vessel blockages?
3. What arethe characteristics of Denise’s lifestyle that might lead to a heart problem?
4. HasDenise suffered a heart attack? Why or why not?
Case Study: Hematology and Cardiovascular Systems BSC 2347Wake Up Call: PartIII—”Heart Attack Basics” Questions
1. Compareand contrast the terms: Cardiac arrest,myocardial Infarction, angina pectoris and cardiac ischemia.
Wake Up Call: PartIV—”Call 911!” Questions
1. Why isthe first hour of a heart attack the most critical?
2. How areblood tests, specifically enzymatic blood tests, and electrocardiograms used todiagnose if an individual is or recently has had a heart attack?
3. What isthe cause of Denise’s breathlessness, fatigue, and nausea?
4. What doesLDL have to do with heart attacks?
5. How doeshypertension develop and what does it have to do with a high risk of heartattacks?
Wake Up Call: PartV—”Emergency Room” Questions
1. Compareand contrast heart attack symptoms in a female and male. (2 points)
Wake Up Call: PartVI—”The Aftermath” Questions
Case Study: Hematology and Cardiovascular Systems BSC 23471.Whatfoods should Denise limit in her diet?Which one should she increase?
2. How doesstress affect the heart health? How doesmenopause?
3. Denise’sdoctor recommended she take a baby aspirin each day. What help would this be? Is there a concern with this treatment?
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