Bus 308 week 3 complete

Week Three

Required Readings

Chapter 7: Sampling and Sampling Distributions
Chapter 8: Confidence Intervals

Unscientific Sampling. Consider question 7.45 from the text: A Milwaukee television station, WITI-TV, conducted a telephone call-in survey asking whether viewers liked the new newspaper, the Journal Sentinel. On April 26, 1995, Tim Cuprisin, a columnist for the Journal Sentinel, wrote the following comment: “WITI-TV (Channel 6) did one of those polls—which they admit are unscientific—last week and found that 388 viewers like the new Journal Sentinel and 2,629 didn’t like it. We did our own unscientific poll on whether those Channel 6 surveys accurately reflect public opinion. The results: a full 100 percent of the respondents say absolutely, positively not.”
Is Cuprisin’s comment justified? 

Article Review. Many articles present statistical data and list margins of error (for example, reports on political opinion polls, growth or decline of the housing markets, manufacturing sectors, etc.). Find one such article from a reliable source (such as EBSCO or Proquest) in the online library that includes a construction of confidence intervals for the data studied, and give a summary of the topic and the statistical results presented. In particular, discuss whether there is enough information presented in the article to arrive at the same conclusion as reported. 


1. Due Day 6. Week Three Quiz. Complete the quiz on the assigned readings for the week.


Week Three Problems. Complete the following problems from the textbook and submit them as a Word file. When appropriate, you may use either Excel or Megastat to complete (see tutorials in chapter appendices).

Chapter 7: 7.11, 7.30, 8.8, 8.38