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Evaluating a speech presentation | English homework help

Evaluating a Speech Presentation                                               Assignment: Use President Obama’s State of the Union address of January 20, 2015   Write a three pages evaluation of a speech you attended or watched (which is Obama’s State of the Union address), covering the following items.   1.                 Name, title, and/or position of speaker 2.                 Subject, […]

Paper 2 | Human Resource Management homework help

Resources: Cengage Human Resources Management Exercises Write a 350- to 700-word paper that addresses the following: What was the main issue of this week’s topic? How were your choices received by the supervisor in the simulation? What was the main lesson that you learned from this exercise? Based on the discussion in class, did other […]

Annotated bibliography/powerpoint/list | English homework help

Annotated Bibliography   Find 3 academic journal articles on the educational system ofFrance.Do not use information gathered on web sites; these must be published academic journal articles. For example, go to Google Scholar you could search French teacher education.   Create a reference page listing the 3 articles in APA format in a Word document. […]

Read article and answer one of these questions below

Read: Jaret, C. (1999). Troubled by newcomers: Anti-immigrant attitudes and action during two eras of mass immigration to the United States.  Journal of American Ethnic History, 18 (3), 9-40 ANSWER ONE: 1. How would you characterize the different “waves” of immigrants that arrived to the United States during   the past century? Who were they? What continent or regions did […]

The housing in my town

  I am living in Meadowbrook apartment, Huntingdon Valley, PA.19006   please introduce the type my apartment is and the houses around my area.(like twin house, town house such like that)   you can talk about an example of the highest and lowerst house avalibale on Apartments.com   Just half page!!     times new roman       12      double […]

Incorporate your qualitative research | Human Resource Management homework help

*Homework It’s time to write the 2-3-page section of your outline that incorporates your qualitative research. (Note that in some outlines, qualitative research may appear in more than one section – check your outline!) Whatever approach your outline takes, for your qualitative research, you may want to conduct an interview, hold a focus group of […]

Explore how the functions of personnel psychology support the purpose

a.                Research case studies that have successfully applied your area of presentation and support your presentation with practical situations. b.               Research and analyze journal papers or studies that have been conducted in the same area and use that information to support your presentation. ————————– Focus only on the uses of  the  functions of personnel psychology(my part […]

Discussion due by 3 pm

Packaging chosen by a business can directly impact the value provided in several ways. Identify a product for which packaging adds value and describe how that value is added for the consumer   Imagine you completed an interview with a potential employer one week ago, and are anxiously awaiting the results. One afternoon, you receive a phone […]

Exam for convention and trade show management course

Have an Exam Online for my Convention and Trade Show Management Course. You have 3 attempts for it. But the last attempt counts. So if you score high on the first attempt please don’t try again because it will cancel out the score if you do, and so on. $30 for it if scored high. […]