Assessment 16 | English homework help

This assessment will have three parts: Part A, Part B, and Part C. They should be submitted together as one assignment, and you will receive one grade for all three parts. Please be sure that all parts of the assignment are present so that you can receive the maximum credit available.

Part A—Original: Please include the original draft of your assignment for comparison.

Part B—Reflection: You were asked to choose a piece of your writing from your efolio that you would like to develop further. Now, you are going to take some time to reflect upon your reasons for choosing that piece. What is it about that selection that grabs your attention? Is it the subject matter? Is it because you have a real-world connection to it? Maybe it is simply because you liked the way you worded it. Whatever the reason, take a few minutes to reflect on why you chose this piece and what your plans are for developing it further.

Part C—Revision: Use the checklist from before to go through the essay you have chosen. Look at each of the areas and closely examine how your essay fits into each. Then, use the added knowledge you have now to revise your essay into a stronger piece. Be sure to develop your thoughts by adding support from the various texts you have read in this learning path. Your revised essay will be graded by your instructor in conjunction with your reflection from Part B.



part A:


Monsters in Our Midst, Assignment 04

Please be sure to copy and paste the complete assignment instructions at the top of every assignment.  Thank you.

Ivy Zhang



Dear Heorohulf, 

This is Gerogar your cousin.I am writing this letter to you so that someone will know about the things that had happened to in the my village.  The people of the village had heard stories of the demon creature. The monster had escaped it its banishment and is now plaguing this the village. The monster is named Grendel, and he is evil.  Please work on using more complex-compound sentences.


When Grendel reappeared most of us could not believe the stories of the creature. They took place outside of the town in a region that no one ever visited.  Grendel is was coming to attacks the village . The other night Grendel attacked a company of the best guards while they were asleep. He killed many of them and took thirty of there bodies back to his liar were we assume they were his feast. The tragedy that falls on us does not stop at this one night. Ivy, is your grammar check enabled?  I see green squiggly underlines everywhere—do not ignore these.  The computer is trying to tell you that you have an error.  If you right click on the word, it will even give you a suggestion.  Stopped editing here—too many errors.

The fear in this country is great while we wait for Grendel’s next coming. Our leader has sent word to a foreign land and requested the aid of Beowulf. If he fails to get here in time everything might be destroyed and everyone  will be killed. 

Cousin, I can not spend anymore time on this letter . I wish that I  have made this longer so we could discuss more. Please Remember this village is songs as being brave and not just a village wiped out by monsters. I hope that we will see each other again soon. 

Your cousins, 


Ivy, who is your supervisor?  I would suggest sitting down with your supervisor to go over each of your assignments because you need a lot of help with grammar.  Reading is also excellent for helping with grammar.