You will be given the main program class (roobikrunner). you will not


You  will also be given the skeleton to the Rubik’s Cube class (RoobikCube)  and a placeholder class describing the face of a Rubik’s Cube  (RoobikFace). You will not have to change RoobikFace.

Your assignment is to:

1)  Implement the RoobikCube constructor. The constructor takes no  arguments and creates and populates an array of RoobikFace objects. Each  RoobikFace should have its own color.

2) Implement the  toString() method of RoobikCube. The output of the method should be the  net of the cube, with the front face in the center, as shown below.

You must use the array in your toString method to receive full credit.


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