Yasamin Sedaghat Week 4 Discussion

Yasamin Sedaghat Week 4 Discussion
Yasamin Sedaghat Week 4 Discussion

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If a child is born with an insufficient amount of growth hormone, he or she will develop dwarfism. Do you think that such a child should be given supplemental growth hormone? What are the physical and ethical issues involved?

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Yasamin Sedaghat
Week 4 Discussion
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I do believe that if any child is born with an insufficient amount of growth hormones, the growth supplement should be given to them before the child being fully developed out of the womb of the mother. Just as they measure and take different tests of the baby to make sure he or she is healthy when they are out of the womb, surely they can also predict the growth hormones and how healthy the child is, for further development to take action. In one article it tells how doctors can do diagnostic tests for the child’s condition making sure their growth is not delayed or having any problems. (N.D., 2017) Physically their bodies can be disproportioned such as using their motor skills on walking and sitting up, arthritis, sleep apnea, numbness in the legs and much more problems depending on their situation. Yes, ethically people in our society do look at them differently because of their looks in their height and they would also need some special custom needs in their car to be able to drive such as fixing the gas pedal and raising the seat of in the car. But morally in all honesty, at the end of the day they are absolutely capable to do almost anything any normal human being are able to do. They are able to get the same education we are getting and go about in life with playing sports, games, doing different activities, and much more. In another article I found online, I read about how dwarfism can grow about through their genes of the family members and now doctors can perform several tests regarding of where it came from and help by giving them hormone injections. (L.N.D, 2017) Yasamin Sedaghat Week 4 Discussion
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Week 4 Post 1
After looking at the cause of dwarfism and how it can affect a child, I rather not support the use of supplemental growth hormone. I feel that the risk factors could be higher than the potential gain from years of treatment. Growth hormone is crucial for normal development and growth in children. Having an insufficiency of growth hormone can affect a child’s development in various ways. (Kaneshiro, 2016). Growth hormone can be treated with injections of a synthetic version of the hormone, which may increase the final height. Depending on the case, they may receive the injection daily for several years until they reach an average adult height. The injection of growth hormone can continue throughout their teens and early adulthood until they gain right muscle and fat. (Mayo Clinic Staff, 2016) Even though they have growth hormone injection it may not work on every case.  There can be serious side effects from the growth hormone treatment but there are common side effects such as headaches, fluid retention, and slippage of the hipbones. (Kaneshiro, 2016) Although it is not fully known, there may be possible psychological effects of repeated injections in children or on family members relationships. The most stress-provoking stimulus encountered in an investigation that have been found in children are from constant injections which diabetic children have described as one of their top stressors in treatment. I think that this can be a factor, due to some cases shown that patients and family members want to see high results with growth and can lead to disappointment. Also, some other risk factors can be cancer risk, renal effects, and metabolic changes. (Fassler D. 1985) With all these articles that I have read it is hard to say which side to go to on. There are a lot of risk factors and benefits it can bring for a child with dwarfism to use growth hormone. I think it can help and it can also be a risk factor so it is just the choice to determine which factor would be greater at the end of the day. Hormonal treatment can be successful however; it does have risks that are associated with hormonal treatment. Yasamin Sedaghat Week 4 Discussion
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