Transportation and the logistic strategy

Length and format: 800 words

Transportation falls under logistics management in that, according to Mr. Clay Gentry, “Logistics strategy is the science of evaluating the most cost effective methodology of distributing goods to market while achieving service level objectives.” This is a firm belief among companies and logistic specialists. Speaking of whom, offer many insights as to the most important factors regarding a businesses’ logistic strategy. Your assignment this week is to look at the advice offered by 23 experts in the field of logistic strategy.

You will find the insight Blog here:

Select an expert whose opinion you find of most value. Then take that opinion and apply it to a current business you may be familiar with. But select a business where you DON’T see evidence of this trait being used! Include who your expert is (and if you include the text ensure you cite it, and know that cited mater does NOT count toward the total word count of your paper), what company you’re applying the advice to, why you think that company isn’t using that approach, how they might introduce it, and that the benefits could/should be. This leaves you with a great deal you can talk to which should make this effort flow rather easily!

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