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This paper is not a research paper; rather it is a theoretical analysis. The purpose of this paper is to utilize theoretical perspectives in a tangible and concrete manner. Choose an individual who has been convicted of a crime, such as John Gotti to analyze in depth, utilizing library or computer resources. In a cogent, fully cited essay, analyze the life of this individual.


Firstly, in 2 to 3 pages, present key biographical information that you consider relevant to an explanation of the criminality of the individual. 

Secondly, in approximately 2 pages, choose a criminological theory and present the theory. 

Finally, in approximately 2 pages, analyze the etiological question of why this person became a criminal. In this section – by far the most important section of this analysis – integrate theory into biography. In other words, this section rests on the following assumption: I think that Differential Association explains John Gotti because of the following factors. Do not discuss the crimes as they are not relevant to this assignment other than to mention the crimes for which the criminal was convicted. 

YOU MUST CITE YOUR SOURCES in an academic forum and ASA is preferable for Sociology majors. (Note: this is a theoretical analysis and you have more license in your sources for the biography portion of the analysis. In other words, the American Sociological Review or other academic journals don’t present biographies of John Gotti. So, you might find biographies of historical criminals or you may have to rely on non-academic sources such as websites, etc.). You can use the text (or power points posted) as a source for section 2 of the paper which is the description of the theory you have chosen. 

Finally, the analysis is a presentation of your cogent thoughts.

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