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Please see below for description of paper to understand the assignment.
Please reference document “Flow of Research Assignment” to see more about the umbrella concept I used, upon which this paper is based. My umbrella concept is Structural and Systemic Racism (using critical race theory). Use this umbrella concept and this document “Flow of Research Assignment” to write this paper with the specifications listed below.
Please reference document “Signature Assignment Rubric” to understand technical aspects of grading for the paper.

DESCRIPTION OF PAPER: Thus far in the course you have articulated your theories of leadership and change through reflection. With a partner you have identified key theorist writing on one umbrella concept and considered how that concept has influenced more recent scholarship around leadership and change. This paper asks you to bring together these diverse representations and explore the umbrella concept you chose in your Flow of Research activity. Using the research you conducted with your partner and the course texts, this paper will explore The range of definitions related to the concept – how it is explained in the literature; An argument as to why this concept is important to leading in the 21st century with justification from the literature for your view;

A discussion of the research on this concept in application, including findings and conclusions; and Consideration of how you might integrate this concept more fully into your own leadership and change management approach. This is a formal academic paper, and as such should use conventions of written English, and follows APA style, 7th edition. Your paper requires the following sections:

1. An introduction that is not labeled as introduction (per APA 7th Edition). In other words, you will begin your opening paragraph without a heading. It is assumed that the first paragraphs of a paper are the introduction. In this section you will orient the reader to the paper, its purpose, and give a brief description of how the paper will progress.

2. Your umbrella concept – titled with a level 1 heading. In this you will define and explain your umbrella topic concept – offering multiple definitions if appropriate and other pertinent information. You will draw from the summaries you created with your partner in your flow of research assignment.

3. Umbrella concept and leading in the 21st Century – titled with a level 1 heading. In this section you will present an argument, or claim, that explains why this umbrella concept is so important to leadership and change. You will support your claim with at least five peer reviewed journal articles, which may include those you explored in your flow of research project.

4. Application to Practice – titled with a level 1 heading. Using third person voice, you will refer to yourself as the author and will discuss the application of the umbrella concept and leadership/change in your professional life. You may present this as events that have or are already taking place, or as justification for changes that need to take place in your organization. The important component here is that you are explaining your understanding through application. You may use an organization that is not associated with your work world, such as non-profit organizations, a place of worship, or unit of government.

5. Conclusion – titled with a level 1 heading. Your conclusion should summarize the key points of your paper. This is not a place to contribute new information!

6. References. Formatted correctly according to APA Edition 7.
*****You must include research from a minimum of five peer-reviewed journal articles.***** In addition, you may also cite and quote from referenced books. Sources such as Drexel’s on-line library and Google Scholar may be very useful to you. In addition to a cover page, the recommended number of pages of text is six – to-eight pages double-spaced.

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