Suggestion from chair, dr. williams


Suggestion from Chair, Dr. Williams


It was great meeting you and learning about your doctoral concept. As your Dissertation Chair, my goal is to guide you to complete your research study and ultimately graduate with your Doctor of Education degree from UOPX. During the discussion about your dissertation proposal, I suggested that you consider narrowing the focus of the study. I examined your comments in greater depth and would like to propose a different approach for your consideration:

·         Narrow the focus of your study from “state and federal policy on poverty” to “equity and stabilization of educational resources in high-poverty school districts during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

·         What are the perceptions of educational leaders on (1) the intended use of these funds to support student achievement; (2) the equitable allocation of resources to high-poverty schools; and (3) the stabilization of district budgets impacted by state funding cuts and shortfalls.

·         Here, you can look at the following funding sources

o    Title I funding

o    CARES Act

o    HEROES Act of 2020

o    Governor’s Relief Funds in Florida

o    Other local funding

·         Reconsider using critical discourse analysis and change to a qualitative exploratory case study of a single district or multiple school districts in Florida.

I think that you can keep the majority of your proposal with changes if you take this approach. I am attaching an article that helped me frame your comments to a narrower focus. Before saying “Yes,” give some thought to this idea and let’s talk it over after the Thanksgiving holiday.


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