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  1. Why do you think Mairs devotes paragraphs 2 – 4 to discussion her use of the word cripple to describe herself? How do you respond to this section of the essay? Mairs also objects to terms like differently abled, which do not tell the full truth about a condition. Can you think of other such words? Why do you think such words come into the language?
  2. Mairs writes at the end of paragraph 11, “Are there worse things that dying? I think that there may be.” What does she mean? How does this question and answer lead into the subject of paragraph 12?
  3. What impression of Mairs do you come away with? What did you learn from her description of her disease? If you could write a note to Mairs, what would you say to her? 

I need these question’s and I need 2 discussion response according to the rubric attached.  Discussion 2 will be uploaded later on.  Reading material is also attached. 

(discussion 1)

In Paragraphs 2-4 i think Mairs really devoted her time to discuss the use of the word ‘cripple” to describe herself because she really dissected the word. Mairs despise the words “disabled” and “handicapped”. She feels as though “cripple” is a cleaner word than the other two. I can agree with Mairs in somewhat because the way she broke down disabled a being a physical or mental health sounds bad. Also, handicap meaning like being a disadvantage. Cripple does seem like a straightforward word. The word “differently abled” is just a nice way to say disabled. The word is very condescending to me. In paragraph 11 Mairs talked about having a disease, but still able to live a normal life. She ends the paragraph saying “Are there worse things than dying”? In her last paragraph she gave a story of a women who’s fully alive, but is incontinent and refuses to leave her home. Basically she is confined in one place. Even though Mairs has MS “Multiple Sclerosis, she doesn’t allow that to stop her from living her life. 

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